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The Man to Man Prostate Cancer Education and Support Program was originally conceived by prostate cancer survivor James Mullen in 1990. Mullen felt that he did not have enough accurate information to make the important decisions facing him at the time of his diagnosis.

He found that men faced with this disease had an overwhelming desire to make informed choices about their treatment, and to share their collective wisdom on how to live happy, fulfilling lives despite the intrusion of a myriad of unwelcome treatment side effects.

By filling the gap that existed in his own care, he was able to help others find solutions to their problems.

Man to Man provides accurate, factual information to men and their partners about prostate cancer in a supportive two-way exchange of information, trust and respect. The partnership of the American Cancer Society with volunteer health professionals and survivors has proved to be an exciting and valued service for all involved.

For information, contact the American Cancer Society at (800) ACS-2345 or visit online at www.cancer.org.

- Source: American Cancer Society, 2008


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