Ron's workout

Twice a week, Ron Szopa does a strength training workout at Wolff Fitness in Elgin. The exercises are slow; Szopa takes about 10 seconds for each repetition, doing eight to 12 reps of each exercise. The entire workout takes less than half an hour. Szopa alternates between workout No. 1 and workout No. 2. At home, he runs on his treadmill.

Workout No. 1

Leg press: 354 pounds.

Chest press: 190 pounds

Compound row: 158 pounds

Lateral raise: 68 pounds

Overhead press: 30 pounds

Bicep curl: 74 pounds

Tricep extension: 80 pounds

Arm cross: 80 pounds

Abdominal crunch: 85 pounds

Workout No. 2

Adduction (inner thigh): 100 pounds

Abduction (outer thigh): 115 pounds

Leg extension: 148 pounds

Leg curl: 138 pounds

Chest press: 190 pounds

Lat pulldown: 110 pounds/TD>