Noticing the difference

Lynne Pieroni

Lynne Pieroni, 48, of Hanover Park has seen the effect of regular workouts on her body. She's lifting more weight than she ever did before - up to 160 pounds on the leg press.

Since she started exercising five days a week, Pieroni's body fat has dropped from 43 percent to 37 percent, and she's lost 23 pounds.

When she went to St. Thomas for a spring vacation, she had to lug her 50-pound suitcase up the stairs by herself.

"I was grateful I had built up my strength," she said. Pieroni can see the difference, too. Her body is slimmer. For her vacation, Pieroni had to buy new summer clothes - and a new swimsuit.

"I actually let my friend Cindy take pictures of me in my swimsuit," Pieroni said. "I had a lot more confidence than I had in the past."

Susan Stevens