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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS REGARDING THE CONSIDERATION OF PROPOSED CHANGES TOTHE PLAN OF OPERATION AND GOVERNANCE FOR THE ELECTRICITY AGGREGATION PROGRAM FOR THE VILLAGE OF OAK BROOK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm and on April 28, 2015 at 6:30 pm, public hearings will be held before the Village Board of the Village of Oak Brook, Du Page and Cook Counties, Illinois, in the Samuel E. Dean Board Room of the Butler Government Center, 1200 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, Illinois, for the purpose of considering, pursuant to Section 1-92 of the Illinois Power Agency Act, 20 ILCS 3855/1-92, proposed changes to the plan of operation and governance for an electricity aggregation program through which the Village may arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program. All interested parties are invited to be present at the public hearings and to be heard. Respectfully submitted, Village Manager Village of Oak Brook Published in Daily Herald Mar 31, Apr 7, 2015 (4402711) , posted 03/31/2015
PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice is hereby given that the combined Budget and Appropriation Ordinance of the Buffalo Grove Park District for fiscal year 2015-16 will be discussed at a Public Hearing at the Board of Park Commissioners Monday, April 27, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Alcott Center, 530 Bernard Drive, Buffalo Grove, and that a sample copy of the Ordinance has been placed on file for public inspection at that location. RYAN RISINGER Secretary Buffalo Grove Park District Board of Commissioners Published in Daily Herald March 31, 2015 (4402667) , posted 03/31/2015
PUBLIC NOTICE SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is advising residents who obtain their drinking water from private wells in the Schaumburg area (Cook County) to test their water for possible groundwater contamination. Routine testing of Schaumburg's community water supply wells by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) indicates contaminants could be present in the area's private wells. The contaminants trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) were detected at levels lower than the Illinois Groundwater Standard. However, this groundwater serves private wells in the area and it is possible the levels of the contaminants may be higher in private wells. Residents with private wells located within the area (map located at: http://www.dph.illinois. gov/news/illinois- department-public-health-recommends-water-well-testing-private-wells-near-schaumburg)south of IL 62, west of Salt Creek, north of IL 58 and east of North Meacham Road; and also the area south of Briarwood Lane, north of IL 62, east of North Meacham Road and west of South Westwood Lane are encouraged to have their water tested for volatile organic compounds by a private laboratory. For a list of laboratories certified to analyze drinking water for volatile organic compounds, interpretation of test results, contaminant health effects information, and recommendations for individuals who regularly consume well water, contact Joe O'Connor, IDPH West Chicago Regional Office, 245 West Roosevelt Road, Bldg 5, West Chicago, IL. 60185, phone (630) 293-6800 or joe.o' The risk of adverse health effects depends on the amount of TCE and PCE an individual is exposed to, length of exposure, and an individual's overall health. Some studies suggest that drinking water contaminated with TCE and PCE may cause gastrointestinal irritation, liver and kidney damage, and nervous system effects. No violations of State of Illinois or federal drinking water standards have occurred in Schaumburg's community water supply. For information concerning the community water supply contact Dean Studer at 217-558-8280 or via email at dean.studer@ This information has been compiled from historic data and is provided to the public to ensure full disclosure of state records. Published in Daily Herald March 17, 24, 31, 2015 (4401233) , posted 03/17/2015
PUBLIC NOTICE The DuPage County Division of Transportation is proposing to relocate the existing multi-use path crossing of the south leg of Book Road at the County Highway 33 (75th Street) intersection in Naperville, IL. The existing multi-use path is currently located on the Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve on both sides of Book Road and crosses the south leg of Book Road within County Highway right-of-way. This improvement will allow the path crossing of Book Road to be relocated closer to the 75th Street intersection and provide a more visible path crossing to motorists, but will require the removal and realignment of the existing path on the Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve. The area of encroachment into Springbrook Prairie is 0.15 acres and all disturbed areas will be restored to native vegetation as part of the project. This is an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the effects of the proposed project on the activities, features and attributes that qualify Springbrook Prairie for protection under Section 4(f) of the National Environmental Protection Act. To be considered, comments must be received by April 20, 2015. A meeting will be held if public response demonstrates sufficient interest. An exhibit depicting the proposed project is available for the public to view at the Division of Transportation offices at: 421 North County Farm Road, Wheaton Illinois. If additional information is desired, contact Dan Nowak, Project Engineer, DuPage County Division of Transportation, telephone 630.407.6900 or email: daniel.nowak@ Published in Daily Herald March 30, 31, 2015 (4402655) , posted 03/30/2015
STATE OF ILLINOIS) COUNTY OF DU PAGE) VILLAGE OF BLOOMINGDALE) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TAKE NOTICE that on the 21st day of April, 2015, at the hour of 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, the Plan Commission of the Village of Bloomingdale will conduct a public hearing at the Bloomingdale Village Hall, 201 South Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale, Illinois, upon an application submitted by RJ Development, LLC., contract purchasers of approximately 3.07 acres of land currently identified as (1) 237 E. Lake Street, owned by 237 East Lake Street LLC.; and (2) 241 E. Lake Street, owned by the Hossein Jamali-Kazemeini Trust (collectively "Subject Property"), legally described herein. The application seeks the necessary zoning relief to allow the construction of a one-story assisted living/memory care facility consisting of 46 dwelling units. The gross area for the structure comprises 33,947 square feet, with parking provided for 44 vehicles ("Project"). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Application requests approval of the following: 1.Repeal of Ordinances No. 87-47 which rezoned the property and granted a special use approval to permit recreation and entertainment, and 96-34, which amended the special use permit and granted final site plan approval for the construction of an outdoor patio and permitted the sale and service of alcoholic beverages with food service; 2.Rezoning of the property at 241 E. Lake from B-3, General Business District to B-2, Community Business District; 3.A special use to allow the Project similar and compatible with a nursing home or geriatric center; 4.Preliminary Subdivision Approval 5.Final site plan approval; 6.A special use to allow a Planned Development; 7.Exceptions to the Village Code ("Code") to allow: a.A front yard setback of 34'-0", in lieu of the required 75'- 0" front yard setback along Lake Street. b.A landscape setback of 3'-0" in the front yard, in lieu of the 30'-0" landscape setback required. c.A pavement setback of 5'-0" on the (east) corner side yard, in lieu of the required 30'-0". d.A pavement setback of 0'-0" on the (west) interior side yard, in lieu of the 10'-0" required. e.A pavement setback of 3'-0" on the (south) front yard, in lieu of the 30'-0" required. f.An exception to provide less than a 10'-0" landscape buffer and planting strip, as required. g.An exception to not provide a loading space. h.An exception to allow two (2) free-standing monument signs, in lieu of the one (1) permitted. i.An exception to allow both freestanding signs to be closer than the required setbacks. 8.Such other zoning permission or other relief related to said application as shown on the site plans submitted as part of the application, as the same may be amended from time to time as further identified during the public hearing process. The Subject Properties, which are currently zoned B-2 (237 E. Lake) and B-3 (241 E. Lake Street) are located within the corporate limits of the Village of Bloomingdale, are legally described as the following: 237 E. LAKE STREET: LOT 4 IN SECOND UNIT OF BLOOMINGDALE-LAKE SUBDIVISION, BEING A PART OF THE NORTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 14, TOWNSHIP 40 NORTH, RANGE 10, EAST OF THE THIRD PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF RECORDED JULY 19, 1965 AS DOCUMENT R65-26023, IN DUPAGE COUNTY, ILLINOIS. 241 E. LAKE STREET: LOT 1 IN LITTLE EUROPE RESTAURANT PLAT OF CONSOLIDATION, BEING A PART OF THE NORTHWEST ¼ OF SECTION 14, TOWNSHIP 40 NORTH, RANGE 10, EAST OF THE THIRD PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF RECORDED APRIL 17, 2000 AS DOCUMENT R2000-054098 IN DUPAGE COUNTY, ILLINOIS. P.I.N. Numbers: 02-14-107-004 and 02-14-107-035 COMMON ADDRESSES: 237 E. Lake Street and 241 E. Lake Street A copy of the application and zoning relief is on file with the Village Clerk of the Village of Bloomingdale and is available for public inspection at the Bloomingdale Village Hall during normal business hours. Members of the public are invited to attend the hearing, at which time an opportunity will be given to address the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission. This notice is given pursuant to the Village of Bloomingdale Zoning Ordinance. Persons requiring auxiliary aids and services should contact the Planning and Development Coordinator, 201 South Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108, or call 630-671-5694, five (5) days prior to the meeting to inform of their anticipated attendance. Text telephone (TDD) users may call 630-893-7175. By order of the Plan and Zoning Commission, Bloomingdale. Dated: March 26, 2015 /s/ J. Thomas Brice, Chairman Bloomingdale Planning and Zoning Commission Published in Daily Herald March 31, 2015 (4402619) , posted 03/31/2015
STATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF MCHENRY, ss. In the Circuit Court of the 22nd Judicial Circuit, McHenry County, Illinois PRAIRIE POINT MANORS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff, vs. UNKNOWN HEIRS AND LEGATEES OF KIMBERLEE A. ESHBAUGH, and UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS, Defendants, No. 15 LM 209. The requisite Affidavit for Publication having been filed, notice is hereby given to you, UNKNOWN HEIRS AND LEGATEES OF KIMBERLEE A. ESHBAUGH, and UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS, Defendants, that the above entitled action has been filed against you and other defendants in the Circuit Court of McHenry County, Illinois, for the recovery of the possession of real estate located at: 1305 Cunat Court, Unit 1A, Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156 You are hereby required to appear in person on April 27, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in courtroom 103, McHenry County Courthouse, 2200 N. Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, Illinois for trial of this cause. You are further required to file your appearance by yourself or your attorney at the same place and time. Now unless you, the said above named defendants, appear at that time and place fixed for trial, judgments by default will be entered against you for the possession of the aforesaid premises and an order for possession will be issued out of said court by which you will be dispossessed of said premises. KATHERINE M. KEEFE, Clerk Keay & Costello, P.C., #6318040, Attorneys, 128 S. County Farm Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 Published in Daily Herald 3/24, 3/31, 4/7/2015 (4402006) , posted 03/24/2015
TAX DEED NO. 15-TD-53 FILED March 26, 2015 TAKE NOTICE TO: CARLA N. WYCKOFF, LAKE COUNTY CLERK; MIRA P. HIRTH LEWIS; WAYNE HUMMER TRUST COMPANY NA F/K/A WINTRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY NA, AS SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE TO STATE BANK OF THE LAKES, AS TRUSTEE U/T/A DATED 10/11/2006 A/K/A TRUST NO. SBL-2296; OCCUPANT; KEIRSTYN HUDZENKO; DAVE HUDZENKO; KIMBERLY HUDZENKO; JADY HERNANDEZ; MARIA DEL ROSARIO SOTO; M-III CHICAGO LLC; LIBERTYVILLE BANK & TRUST; LINWOOD J. LEWIS; CAROLYN LEWIS; SCOTT LEWIS; UNKNOWN OWNERS OR PARTIES INTERESTED; AND NONRECORD CLAIMANTS. This is NOTICE of the filing of the Petition for Tax Deed on the following described property: LOT 7, BLOCK 3 IN EVERBREEZE, A SUBDIVISION OF PART OF THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF THE NORTHEAST QUARTER OF SECTION 13, TOWNSHIP 45 NORTH, RANGE 9, EAST OF THE THIRD PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF, RECORDED DECEMBER 28, 1916, IN BOOK "J" OF PLATS, PAGE 84, AS DOCUMENT 168937, IN LAKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS. Property Index Number 05-13-202-027 On August 14, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom C307 the Petitioner intends to make application for an order on the petition that a Tax Deed be issued. The real estate was sold on November 26, 2012 for general taxes of the year 2011. The period of redemption will expire July 27, 2015. Heather Ottenfeld, Attorney for Petitioner (312) 251-1333 Published in Daily Herald Mar30,31,Apr1,2015(4402459 , posted 03/30/2015
VILLAGE OF LAKE ZURICH NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all persons that the Village of Lake Zurich Zoning Board of Appeals shall conduct a public hearing on April 16, 2015, at 7:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Lake Zurich Village Hall, 70 East Main Street, Lake Zurich, Illinois, for the purpose of considering an application filed with the Village for a variation to reduce the required rear yard from 50 feet to 30 feet for parking, to reduce the required side yard from 7 feet to 5 feet for deck construction, and to reduce the required landscaped surface area from 60% to 54%, to allow development of a 3-unit townhouse building. A copy of the application and the Zoning Code are on file, and available for public inspection during regular Village business hours at the Lake Zurich Community Services Department, 505 Telser Road, Lake Zurich. The application requests variations from Lake Zurich Zoning Code a) Section 9-3-11E-12 Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, all yards along every lot line abutting Route 12 or abutting Route 22 between Ela Road and the westernmost village limits shall be not less than 50 feet; 2) Subsection 9-3-11AC2b Side yard setback shall be not less than 7 feet; 3) Article 9-3-11D Minimum landscaped surface area shall be not less than 60%. The project is referred to as The Hudson, and property is located on Terrace Lane and legally described below: Lot 64 (except the east 50 feet thereof and except the west 76 feet thereof) and also that part of Lot 65 lying northeasterly of the northeasterly line of the highway in Henry G. Hillman's Subdivision of part of the west half of the southwest quarter of Section 20, Township 43 North, Range 10, East of the Third Principal Meridian, according to the plat thereof recorded April 8, 1902 as Document 85645, in Book "E" of Plats, page 79, in Lake County, Illinois At said public hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals shall accept all testimony and evidence pertaining to said application and shall consider any and all possible zoning actions, including the granting of all necessary variations or other special approvals that may be necessary or convenient to permit development of the proposed type at the described property. All interested persons are invited to attend and be heard. DATED: March 27, 2015 Vincent McCormack Chairman, Zoning Board of Appeals Published in Daily Herald (March 31, 2015 (4402683) , posted 03/31/2015
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