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VILLAGE OF HAINESVILLE ANNUAL TREASURER'S REPORT FISCAL YEAR ENDING 2014 REVENUE SUMMARY: Property Taxes-120,104.12;Police Protection-369,775.07;Road & Bridge Tax-2,155.74;Business Licenses-4,580.00;Liquor Licenses-6,400.00;Other Licenses-11,646.09;Building Permits-18,889.80;Occupancy Inspections-6,540.00;State Income-342,425.89;Replacement Tax-513.70;Sales Tax -291,380.88;Local Use Tax-63,233.26;Franchise Fee -172,252.95;Telecommunication Usage-63,803.28;Utility Tax (electric)-70,166.03;Utility Tax (gas)-44,780.60;Court Fines-3,540.01;Ordinance Fines-65.83;Helmets-186.00;Interest-526.84;Water Delinquency-13,297.40;Water Sales-425,152.38;Sewer Coll.-288,048.74;Sewer Delinquency-2,645.93;Excess Flow Surcharge-4,798.50;Garbage Coll-155,428.09;Garbage Delinquency-1,871.85;Yard Waste Stickers-5,310.35;Recycling Reimb-2,448.50;Motor Fuel Tax-103,758.02;Misc.-12,339.84;TOTAL REVENUES: 2,608,065.69 COMPENSATION SUMMARY: Under 25,000.00:Kevin Barrett, Gerald Daley, John Derenoski, Georgeann Duberstein, Dillon Dozier, Shawn Durigan, Allison Gately, Jacob Hensley, Russ Kraly, Walter Kriese, Anthony Majewski, William Metzler, Benjamin Pavlovich, Brandon Seiler, James Soto, Linda Soto, Gary Walkington 25,000.00-49,999.99: Kathy Metzler, Karyn Noble, Roseann Stark, 50,000.00- 74,999.00-Jeff Gately, Kelly Hensley TOTAL COMPENSATION: 297,831.57 EXPENDITURE SUMMARY: Ace Hardware-2,948.02;Advanced Disposal-164,805.98;Akihiro Mishima-9,600.00;Ancel & Glink-55,397.34;B&B Power Sweeping-3,560.00;Blackboard Connect-3,007.00;Call One-4,462.73;Chase Card-18,373.63;CENCOM-4,730.66;Chris Electric-26,984.19;Clarke-21,233.06;Com Ed-31,465.88;Conserv FS-6,680.22;CSI-18,946.29;The Decision Systems-4,596.88;Diemer-24,058.21;Diversified Plumbing-5,884.19;Ferguson Water Works-3,505.90;First Midwest Bank-66,857.64;First Midwest Bank Loan-77,391.24;Fleck's Landscaping-14,889.00;Flow Technics-4,153.97;Grower-8,177.82;H&D Professional Landscaping-3,754.75;HDR Engineering-4,165.00;IEPA-16,585.20;Il Dept of Rev-12,106.27;Il Director of Employment-9,915.70;IML Risk Management-33,010.30;J&E Nursery-15,095.10;JETCO-246,555.00;John Deere Financial-10,156.66;John Deere Gov. National Sales-9,559.94;Lake County Public Works-281,116.88;Manhard-100,806.78;M.E. Simpson Co.-2,630.00;Mchenry Analytical-3,417.50;Municipal Code-2,997.86;Native Restoration-26,080.00;North American Salt Company-16,837.59;Overhead Door Company-3,647.03;Perricone Garden Center-4,341.75;Peter Baker-111,962.93;Quill-7,681.05;R.H. Witt-8,608.00;Robinson Engineering-14,293.32;Rubloff-40,654.91;David Schultz-126,715.98;TAPCO-6,595.00;Tomcat Consultants-34,420.00;Treasurer of Lake County-3,362.72;Verizon Wireless-2,675.00;Village of Grayslake-775,650.88;Water Well Solutions-2,709.00; Wolf & Company-17,500.00 All other disbursements less than $2500-55,854.04 TOTAL VENDORS: 2,593,171.99 SUMMARY STATEMENT OF CONDITION GENERAL SPECIAL DEBT CAPITAL ENTERPRISE TRUST & REVENUE SERVICE PROJECT AGENCY Beginning Fund Balance 3,057,852 144,951 0 0 0 Retained Earnings 11,910,089 Revenues 1,600,569 103,758 0 0 903,727 0 Expenditures 1,713,407 8,750 0 0 1,094,977 0 Other Financing Sources 10,459 291,400 Uses 248,396 0 0 0 374,710 0 Ending Fund Balance 2,696,618 250,418 0 291,400 0 0 Retained Earnings 11,344,129 Subscribed and sworn to this 14th day of October, 2014 Kelly Hensley, Treasurer I, Kathy Metzler, Village Clerk of Village of Hainesville, Lake County, Illinois, do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the Annual Treasurer's Report for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2014. Kathy Metzler, Village Clerk Published in Daily Herald October 22, 2014 (4388979) , posted 10/22/2014
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